17 June 2008

is it true that no news is good news?

recent projects.
$6 table from Goodwill
cream painted top with a coat of polyurethane
little wooden shelf- also from Goodwill painted black with white polka cots
It will be hung once we get a couch in the room.

wedding present from my boss when I worked at CCSA.

Photograph from a festival and a welcome sign I made a while ago.

Target DEALS. Suave Deo is 99 cents. I used a 75 cent coupon..... SAtin Care is ALSO 99 cents. I used a 55 cent coupon. Band Aids were $1.41 and I used a $1 coupon... All is 99 cents and I used a $1 coupon. Shout wipes are 99 cents... I used a $1 coupon.

I was thinking.. Wouldn't this make a nice carepackage for someone over in Iraq?? or maybe a college student?? MOney SAving MOm details where to find these coupons....and has other ideas as well.

Todays Freebies... I had a coupon for a free Non-New release movie at Blockbuster. I got a freePLaytex Bottle. (Yeah for adding to my foster -care bin!!) and I got Splenda flavors for Coffee...mmmm..


Under the Florida Sun said...

Hey there fellow Floridia! We are over here in Volusia county.

Thanks for stopping by. Love your little blog home here.

How precious your little son is and I hope you have comfort knowing he is in the arms of Christ till you are reunited again.

You take amazing pictures of such detail.

Good luck/prayers to you and your DH on the fostering process.

Hope to be back by and visit again.

Linda said...

God Bless you!!! I pray that God will answer your prayers in becoming a foster parent. You have a very sweet heart and I know there is a special child out there just waiting for you.

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Rae: Your painting projects are adorable - LOVE the table! I like the care package for Iraq idea. My brother's out there, actually. Hmmm . . I can't believe I didn't really think of that =)