02 June 2008

good mail

I GOT some good mail.

I recieved a $3 rebate check today!!

I also got a nice little Walmart sample of Frizz Ease :)

In memory of Joseph:
--Lets give some GOOD MAIL--

**PLease send a small package to ANY SOLDIER including somethings that we take for granted.
You may have your children write notes or use up some coupons and get lots of cheap deodorant for them....

** Please donate an item of preemie clothing to your nearest neonatal loss center or hospital.
It was very expensive finding a little outfit for my Joseph to wear to be buried in. I found some lovely sweaters the other day that I will be donating.
How wonderful if these items are worn by a living child, and what a comfort it could be to a grieving parent.



Michael & Sandra said...

I received 3 samples yesterday. Whohoo! One laundry detergent, one deoderant and one lotion (which I love for my purse).


What happened at Target? That is the one I've been going to.

Mamacita said...

In honor of little Joseph, a gift of a dress and a book were delivered to a little girl born on June 5, 2007.