23 June 2008

Giving and Recieving

I call them Baby Bags

Most children enter foster care with only the clothes on their back and sometimes not even shoes on their feet.

Foster families will then provide the needed clothes and shoes. Yes, there is funding to help, but it usually takes a month or so to find it's way to the child's caregiver.

As a foster parent we will be helping mostly infant-5 yr olds. Boys and Girls.

I would love to provide a Bag for each child to use until I can get myself out for kids clothes shopping therapy!!

I have shown an example of an infant boy bag- 6M.

If you could make a bag including:

casual outfit
underwear for 3Tand up
shoes (99 cent flipflops are great!-we live in Forida)

And send to me This week. I will make a POST including all the treasures after the weekend of the 4th!I will also be sure to let you know when your bag has been utilized on a precious little one going through one of the toughest times in their life.

If you don't have the means to ship to me. Please still make a bag!! Donate it to the nearest foster care facility in your neighborhood!!

The clothes need NOT be new, but clean and stain free.

Please comment and leave the size Baby Bag you will be making.
ie : I am making a Girl Baby Bag in size 3t.

I will choose a "WINNER" on Saturday and will send you a MK lipcolor PINK Coral and MK nail color Pink Plunge as my appreciation!!

If you are not sending the bag to me please let me know to which agency you will give the bag.

1307 High Hammock Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619

above image by SPROUT kids clothing. www.sproutchild.com


P.S. He loves you... said...

This is a great mission!
We have participated in the past with shoebox ministries and this past year I got to pack up a bunch of VBS for a mission trip my dh and son went on.

Great cause!

Thanks for the comment!

TwoMuths said...

AWESOME! I will have to let you know what I can come up with! This is a great idea, something I never would have known as a need.

Liz said...

I never would have thought of this. There are a couple of foster families in our church,I'll check it out.

Prairie Chick said...

What a *great* idea. We used to foster a sibling group of 5, they came to us with one little ripped up glad garbage bag of stained, torn clothing. I love this idea! Blessings as you bless these little ones.

LindaSueBuhl said...

OK Rachel - first thanks for dropping by my blog and we'll do a bag - at least one and size will depend on what wonderful deals I find at the store - will come back and post - thank you for giving us the chance to help "the least of these" - God bless you for taking care of little ones. Will be back! (probably not today - I'm working today) exciting!

grandma's quilt said...

keep up the good work,blessing to you and Jacob!