22 June 2008

across the street from me

Some new apartments are breaking ground..

CIRCLE-- they are called.

it's a new thing.... I guess... New to me at least. I found the article interesting.

Green Living... in the city :) we might just have to give this a try....

SO have you heard of this!?!?

a portion from the webpage:

From a cued-by-you calendar of social events to thoughtful gathering spots inside and out, CircleSM inspires. Beyond their four walls, residents share stories, experiences and ideas with friends. Join group volunteering efforts or pet owner happy hours. Stroll down shaded walking paths, cycle together or claim front row hybrid parking after carpooling.

Settle in to made-for-you spaces with open floor plans that serve a fluid way of life. Style-savvy interior features help you reduce waste in your home, a place where you can rewind, recharge and reconnect.

Circle provides flexible living space in a tight-knit community that really cares about making the world better. Turns out, a place that considers the global population and the distinct character of the local culture is a contagious concept. Look for our locations near you.


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Susie Harris said...

Wow. I enjoy watching things being built. When they were building houses around me a I would go and take a peep... Always good ideas to snoop out! Susie H