08 May 2008

to bleach or not to bleach

Working in the daycare has posed a few cleaning issues lately. There seems to be two sides. I find myself loosly wafting in the middle. I love the little bleach/water bottle to wipe down the chaning table and snack table, etc... Yet I have co-workers who think this poses a health threat to the children. Once again with Pine-Sol as a floor cleaner. It can be a very strong scent causing allergic reactions(none showing on the children present), yet truly makes the day-care smell clean as I lock up and then re-open the next morning....
I dont WANT to use products that could cause potential harm to the little ones... but isn't it a state requirement for a day-care to use bleach !? Can vinegar kill the same bacteria as bleach? And do I really want my day-care smelling of vinegar?!

DOens't bleach work Because IT IS SO potent!!!

WOUld you feel safe laying on an operating table cleaned by baking soda!?

hmmm.... I've just been pondering these things lately...

HGTV article

This article explains the NEED for cleaning...but with WHAT????


Shanna said...

My mom is such a big fan of bleach, it's not even funny. To this day, the smell makes me think of her.

That and deli meat.

I love her! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do have angels in Heaven, It was really hard to let them go. As you know. My heart goes out to you!
May your weekend be awesome.