29 April 2008

to add to the collection

I tried a new recipe tonight. I really recommend it!

Since most low calorie diets don't count red peppers and asparagus and since lean chicken is a low- cal food this recipe can't be beat!!!

Now I did edit the recipe and used no tomatoes or cheese. I love how it doesn't use any oil! Steamed chicken is so tender!

now I'm wishing I had taken a photo for you!
The small photo to the right is from allrecipes.com and as you can see has the cheese on top.


note this recipe that I am anxious to try: angel bites


TwoMuths said...

mmm! Sounds yummy! Did you use fresh red peppers or the jarred roasted kind? I think this sounds so summery and yummy!!

About those angel bites - my mom used to make something like that all the time when she was on weight watchers, and would add different extracts to change the flavor. I think my favorite ended up being mint when I was a kid, but she also added plain cocoa powder at some point as well. Yum!

Rachel and Jacob said...

I did use FRESH peppers!!!!!... :)