08 April 2008


--buying candy the day after a holiday!

It's 75% off --maybe if you are lukcy even 90% off.
--asking and getting restaurant gift cards..... and using coupons to top it off.
( I have a free APPLEBEE's appetizer coupon expiring at the end of the month. No purchase necessary. If you would like it, leave me a nice comment requesting it :). I didn't have a good Applebee's experience so I wont be going back. :( OK so then if more than one person wants it.... I'll choose the "winner" tomorrow heheee.. a little mini-blog prize! )

--the clearance sections at Target and Pier 1!!

--the smell of homemade bread, cherry almond moisturizer, and Yankee Candle Home sweet Home fragrance oil.

-- free things (yeah for moneysavingmom.com and even imommies.com)

--pink and orange


TwoMuths said...

Ooh, ooh pick me!!! I love Applebees!

Rachel and Jacob said...

Hands down!! goes to Jenny!!