07 April 2008

a frugal birthday

is that bad??!!

well my most wonderful husband had a birthday yesterday..........

I am a member of the Bahama Breeze club and had recieved a email coupon for $10 off plus a $10 gift card......

I had two Darden Restaurant $10 gift cards left over from Christmas gifts!!!

SO we had $30 to spend!! with no money OOP!

we did give the lady a $10 tip.

SO we had a lovely lunch at Bahama Breeze for $10 and we got a $10 gift card for next time :)



WE did go to MAssage Envy and Jacob enjoyed a wonderful 1 hour relaxation massage :)

Happy Birthday HONEY!!!!!
WE are having a party for him at my Tia Barb's next weekend :)


Sarah Corbin said...

What a wonderfully fun and frugal day! Yay for gift certificates and being good stewards. Happy Birthday Jacob!

Katie Barker said...

Hey we just went to bahama breeze this weekend too - with gift cards :)

How did you get in the club? Can I join?

Anonymous said...

Nice,nice,keep up the good work.HAPPY BIRTHDAY YACOB!