18 April 2008

COUnting CAlories- DAY 1

HEY SO I Am starting at 1200 calories day! well.. hopefully for 21 days! I know some days will be tough! BUt It is fun to look at foods and plan accordingly! (Yes, this plan is doctor recommended and approved.....)


McDonald's LArge Fries are 570

BUt Looky here now!!!

Olive GArden Minestrone SOUp --YUM ONly 164

and that Delish Apricot chicken is 328!!!

A big Ole Panera bread salad is around 450

Today for Lunch I plan: 1 container lemon pepper tuna medly with 9 ritz crackers at 280!!

I had a Promise activ peach yogurt shot for breakfast but I can't seem to find the calories anywhere! I would assume around 60-80.

Geez, Im gunna get hungry fast :) BUt Oatmeal is a big time filler and is not a waste of calories.
I can have all the free food I want such as peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, salad greens... SO It's ok to waste a few calories on dressing and such.

I'm not planning on posting my food choices every day, But I will update on days 7, 14, and 21.

PS. I like to save the most calories for dinner time with my husband... when I am the most used to eating a bigger meal.

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