25 March 2008

taste it.

Tuesdays tasty sites.





As I pack lunches for my husband, Im sure he gets a bit dreary over the tuna or turkey sandwiches, flat earth chips, and grapes....

Look at these ideas!!!!! soyandpepper.com

also note lunch in a box!

Do you have a lunch box idea to share?! Do you pack for yourself or husband or kids?


Pam said...

My husband packs his own lunch, and it is usually leftovers.

Mamacita said...

I enjoyed looking through those web sites you provided. Now if only I had time to bake/cook.

The Cooking Ninja said...

hehehe ... my kid is too young to have a lunch box and my SO works at home so I cook lunch ;) Well, if I were to pack a lunch box for myself, I would do some sushi or maki or cold pasta, a small salad, a fruit and sweet dessert or a yogurt. :)