21 March 2008

some super savings

CVS rewards.. Look familiar anyone?!??! DOn't we just love those LooOOng receipts.

The goodies I got last Sunday using coupons and ECB's =FREE

This week I went back and bought $15 worth of Dove. I got 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 velvet body wash, 2 mousse, and 1 face skin vitilizer machine :) I used coupons and got it for about $8 getting $5 in ECB's back to me....

TODAYS' TREASURES: ALL for under $6 oop.

POpCorn ChiCKEN-- used $1 coupons I found at moneysavingmom.com
Chocolate Cereals-- finally in stock-- .28 cents a box using $2 cereal coupon I found at imommies.com
Flat earth chips- $1 coupon
soup- $2 coupon (afullcup.com)
pizza rolls- (.55 cents coupon)

TOTAL: $4.38

Glade-- used Sunday coupon BOGO-- plus I got $1ECB back
Mousse-- BOGO instore special plus $3 sunday paper coupon :)

BY the way: I actually find the Flat Earth chips to be pretty tasty! you?


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Yes they are good!!! And I dont "like" veggies... hehehe

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Pam said...

Everyone in our house likes the Flat Earth chips. We have tried all the flavors except the mangoish one. Of course, I like anything I can get for a good price!

Glad to see you getting some good deals...it's fun, isn't it?!