28 March 2008

FRUgal DryCleaniNg?!

CAn you help?

I am the first time wife of a man in uniform.... It costs about $10 a uniform...for drycleaning.... and with 3-4 uniforms a week.... that up towards $40 a week...$120 -160a month....I mean I can think of so many fun things to do for $120 a month!!!!

I need a suggestion for home care!! They are polyester and do not require dry cleaning...(that is his current cadet uniform). He will be getting traditional garb in July. I'm not sure of the cleaning requirements on those.

I don't have a iron or ironing board, but even buying them is less than a week of drycleaning :)

I just wonder how much time and patience this project will consume?

As a cadet he does have inspection and thats why we have been relying on the cleaners! The patches have to be creased and there cant be any white fading on the creases..etc....

He polishes his own corframs....But I am really hoping to find a way I can help cut the dry cleaning costs! I'm just nervous to try!!

can you help me out?!!?

for those of you who don't know he is in Sheriffs officer training.


Nana's Nest said...

my question is: does he have inspection on EACH uniform? If no, then I would dry clean one for inspection. I don't know if you remember when Audy was in the Navy...early years he was a Seabee and they had the kind that had to be "starched and creased". Being a "poor navy wife" I learned to crease them. Buy a good iron several cans of heavy duty starch and put your ironing board where you can see your favorite TV show....that's as good as it gets

Pam said...

Here's my advise: do whatever it takes to learn to do it yourself. If the fabric does not require dry cleaning, then wash them at home, buy an iron and ironing board (you'll pay for it in a week of NOT drying cleaning), and get some cans of starch. Do you know any officers' wives who you could ask what they do?

Pretend that you absolutely did not have the money for dry cleaning. That often motivates me to go the extra mile.

THE SPEARS said...

Good luck Rae, wish i could offer you some advice BUT i am a 32 year old mom of four kids, and still don't know how to iron!! Joel does or I just ask my friend Christa or Mom!! Maybe check on different cleaners and see if any will give you a discount for being a regular customer!!