31 March 2008

CVS-what does it stand for???

CVS : and I now have $36 ECB's to go spend on April rewards items later this week!

Buy $15 caress, lever, dove items and use lotsa coupons :) get $5 ECB's

Buy 2 Lady speed stick deal (use sunday paper coupons) gets $3 ECB's --I got $6

Use $1 CVS coupon for the hairspray- free

USe Free baby powder coupon from CVS printout machine.Jacob uses the natural crystal deodorant, that's why I don't buy him any :) I'm not being selfish with the deodoant deal!

Buy $15 windex, palmolive deal get $5 ECB's (that's ALOT of cleaning supplies for $15!!!)- PLus I had several $1 off coupons. I did have to spend $5 oop.--better than the dollar store!
Essence of Beauty deal- Buy any 3 items get $5 ECB's

MIght as well get the $1.99 items!! only pay $1 oop for 3 items :) I got $20 ECB's for these items !!!!!Just dont snag any sponges cause apparently they don't work!

What do the letters CVS mean?!?!?! convenience???? variety????? store???


Sarah Corbin said...

Thanks for posting your great deals. I'm heading to CVS tonight to check out the good deals. Did you do the softsoap spa deal yet? The coupons weren't in my paper =(
On a side note, yesterday I picked up 2 wet/dry razors (the electric kind!) for $2.50 apiece at CVS! as painful as it was to pay "real money" - what a deal! great gifts, methinks!

Pam said...

Consumer Value Store

(I think!)