28 January 2008

updated and updates coming

OK!!! here I am in my new condo... Ive got about an hour before I return to work!
NOw is a little bit trying for me as I don't get to see my Jacob until Friday. But I'm working hard, and He's working hard, so we can be proud of ourselves and look forward to this weekend, when I get to move home permanently!!

Starting in February I wil be working as a daycare provider and After School Program manager of sorts. Still at Everyday Blessings of course.

I have so much to share about our ILlinois vacation and I will have to take that time later. I also wish to put up pictures from the condo here :)

By the way, I have all new children at EB, and am actually down to two. They are very good little boys, my first sibling group actually.

OK... wishing you all a wonderful WEEEK and superbowl weekend.....

REMINDER: plan a special dinner on the 7th for Chinese New Year.

if you live in my area you are invited to my house :)--but most likely on the 8th....


Anonymous said...

can"t wait for you to put some pictures,it was good to see you and Jacob it still cold here but I know spring will be here soon.keep in touch.love you,mom A.

Sara Mincy said...

Hi! Sounds like you are doing well. I can't wait to see your new place.

It was great to see your parents on Saturday!!!! We had fun with them. I should have some pics posted soon of their visit.

I am so sorry that I never did the jungle prints for you...It has always been at the back of my mind, but I was never able to actually get it done. I think it was b/c the animals scared me (I have never done animals...).