01 October 2007

hello there.....

SO life continues here at EB. I drove the head start chillins to school today and stayed for a meeting about another little one of mine and his possible school future.

Jake and I had a rushed afternoon of looking for beds, and found some lovely ones at Ashley.(Our bed broke in transit to EB) WE had been sleeping on the floor.

The weather is becoming more and more beautiful and makes for longer playtimes after dinner. NOw those LOVEBUGS are in town! YUCK! NOw the boys chase um and squish um.. but if one lands on them --hear them scream--!! so funny.

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Preston's Mommy & Daddy said...

I hate those love bugs. We have them here too plus ladybugs.............which are covering our house. We are busy vacuuming them up all day.........they fly so high though and I can't get them when they fly up to our vaulted ceiling. Preston loves to pick them up and laughs when they fly by him.