25 October 2007

have you checked into this?!?!?

http://www.shelter-kit.com/ --check out these homes--not really hurricane safe- but an interesting find for me. ...... would LOVE lOVE LOVE to build one..

In not GREEN.. but should I be!??!?!

what do you do for the environment?!?

I want to:
--drive a hybrid
--have eco-friendly home
--have a garden or buy from local organic farmers
--do major recycling

yeah- start slow :)

hemp clothing is expensive still.....

why is it expensive to be "earthy"-- to be green"???

thoughts anyone!?!? any interesting articles you have read??

1 comment:

CLComstock said...

Rachel, just catching up on your blog - cool houses on that site! I definitally agree with you about the frustration of green things needing green to afford them. I've run into grumpy recycling people that run our recycling center that make me not want to go back... :(' Oh well, we just have to keep trying to take care of what God has given us. Sounds like things are going well even though they are busy.
Take care, LeAnna