26 September 2007

Quilting Special.

WEll NO. I didnt start quilting. ... but Interestingly enough they have become a very big part of my life lately!!!

Mother Ashmore gave us this most wonderful, beautiful quilt for our anniversary!!! take a LOOOOK. ANd my new sheets!!!

And THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Now here are some thanks to the Tampa Bay quilters association for your donations to EB!!
Lookey Here folks at our new room additions!
<---This first one will be put on the boys wall.

And our New Story-Time quilt.....
And another for my wall!! :) notice the one "floating" flower :) haha....


journeyer said...

The one your mom in law made is beautiful! those squares are so tiny.

Sara Mincy said...

I love the one on your bed! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

though it may be faded and worn time cannot dim, the beauty of a quilt or the love in the heart of its maker.
i"m glad you like the quilt Rae.I love you and Jacob.mom A.

Pam said...

Wow, those are really nice. I can tell that a lot of love went into them.