18 August 2007

Saturday Stories

All my days start fairly early.....

my one baby C2 woke up crying and shivering.. he's not feeling so good with lotsalotsa
diarrhea..... Thank God for Pedialyte.

The other day Jake bought me a
griddle so I was able to make eggs for the boys breakfaast.

I took S3, D4, and J3 to the water park in Zephyrhills, then to the play land at Burger King. G3 went out with his momma and C2 stayed home with Jake.

I have RESPITE from 12-4 on Saturdays and we were able to meet my parents for a wonderful lunch in Tampa.WE ate at Maggiano's Little Italy.
YUM. The waiter was so kind to give us food to take home for the boys!!!!!!-- when he found out what we do.

I actually was able to feed 9 boys and 1 caregiver with the food he gave us!!!!

We played outside for a bit. Now C2 has a fascination with knocking things over, whether it be the bunk bed ladders, the flowers pots, or bird baths.... tonight he went after the flower pot three times... that poor plant has had it!

I find my self sleeping earlier and earlier :)

::sigh ::

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Pam said...

That is so cool about the food! God is so good!