02 August 2007

red and yellow.

Well I mentioned that D3 has moved on to another home and S3 aka "Clay Aiken"moved right in that very afternoon. He was picked up at 4 am the next morning for some major oral surgery.
He came back around 9 slightly dazed from medication but all smiles. What a sweetie he is.

Jake is sick with an ear infection and such. Pray that he feels better soon.

Today we went out for a little date-- a walk around the mall here in Tampa. Stopping by the library on our way back to the "ranch".

B6 is turning 7 tomorrow but we are celebrating with a party tonight becaue he gets to spend the weekend with is mother. All children at EB have a birthday buddy that provides cake for all the residents and brings gifts for the child. We bought him a Pirates of the Caribbean shirt from teh Disney Store.

I bought my other boys 50 cent Toy Story Woody's. so cute.
Im excited for the weekend, I have alot planned.
There is a big back to school bash in Tampa that is free for the little ones, and I also want to make a pool trip if there is sunshine.... Im also hoping for a Chuckee Cheese trip .... and maybe a kids museum.... well we have lotsa weekends coming up....right?

On Sunday I actually hope to make it to church with the boys FINALLY...
I bought them matching tee's so I know which are mine at an easy glance :)

D4 has had an extremely rough week and I wish you pray for him. I also need to know how to encourage him to make the right choices.

Lots of love everyone!!


Sara said...

You are busy!!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. Love that matching shirt idea.

Pam said...

I'm getting caught up here after my wild week of baking. It sounds like you are doing a WICKED AWESOME job with those little boys. I am proud of you! I wish I could have 8:30-4:30 off every day! Love the tales of adventure!

Preston's Mommy & Daddy said...

Wow you sure do a ton with those kids. I bet you are busy but sounds like you are having a blast.