15 August 2007


Greetings..... from my apartment.

Today I ordered temporary dial-up internet.... You know its not that fast BUt at least I feel connected to the world again.
Don't get me wrong , I love my little world here too!

Like I mentioned there was a carnival on Saturday! Well those girlscouts donated a waterslide! My boys LOVE IT. you should see C2 ... he is soooo scared of it but keep going down again and again .I cant get enough of those wide eyes!!

We have been having biting troubles in our room. C2 and J3 have been making it a daily habit. Any suggestions on getting those biters to stop~??! all the boys , and myself, have war wounds.

School starts on Monday, two of mine will be going to HeadStart . yeah.!!

WE are looking forward to a visit from Jacob's parents sometime in the near future....

I'll see if I can upload some pics soon enough.. we ordered cable internet but since were so far out in the sticks we can't get it for a couple more weeks.....

JUst for a point of reference we do most of our shopping and stuff in Zephyrhills, FL.

ok... going over to facebook.... see you LATER friends!!

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