23 July 2007

PlayDoh, Flu, Pizza and more

Mother of 5.
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Jacob and I moved in to Everyday Blessings on Friday afternoon. I have 5 little boys right now. I will identify them as follows C2, J3, D3, D4, and B6. That is the first letter of their name and then age.... :)

C2 was my surprise child :) He is a very quit fellow whom I hope learns to use the toilet soon.

J3 and D4 are my two little blonde hair blue-eyed babes.....and D3is my spanish speaker.... we are truly a bilingual room. I actually have a hard time understanding him when he tries English :) B6 is almost 7 and should be going home within the next month :) Happy for him.

I am called "teacher" for some weired reason and Jacob is called "Jacob Bigger" even though we identified outselves as Ms. Rachel and Mr. Jacob.

Jacob works weekends so I did the bath and bed routine by myself and I feel empowered!
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PLayDoh is a great thing for J3, D3, and D4. They did an awesome job of keeping it on the table and making me cookies and green beans. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday morning I got the most terrible, horrible of flus.... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe other caregivers took my little ones for a few hours and let me finish throwing up and rest. So wonderful of them.... How do you mothers do it without respite?!?!?
That night I chopse to order pizzaPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket rather than cook a meal.... great idea only it took the pizza guy like an hour and a half.. little ones don't like waiting apparently!

Right now I am at the library in Thonotosassa. We will get our computer hooked up soon enough at home. I was just having a bit of withdrawal.. not that I had time to think about it until today!!

I like my job. Im happy.Tired a bit and happy.

Thanks to Jarelle, Kim, and Lilah for the things you have sent or are sending!! I appreciate it!!
Those Bible flashcards came in handy.... we did them in Spanish and English of course :)

One other caregiver had a stillborn son 10 years ago. His name was Joseph. I love her. SHe is a wonderful person.


Shanna said...

Ah! I am so happy for you and can just picture these little ones. You are, no doubt, a wonderful caregiver. :) Keep the stories coming!

Pam said...

Yes, keep the stories coming! I'm glad all is going well for you. That's a lot of little boys to manage!

Anonymous said...

What fun Rachel! Glad you are feeling better. Flus are NO fun especially when you have little ones to care for! :)


Sara said...

Wow- can't imagine having all of those little boys to take care of- you are amazing!!!! Sounds like you are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...


Sarah Corbin said...

Ha, ha, what crazy fun! I don't know how mothers do it either =) They really are saints. . .

I'm so proud of you for standing strong and being so brave with this challenging new job! I trust your reward will be great. . .

LMLogan said...

I'm so proud of you raerae! I so wish we could've met up when I was down there! you guys are in my prayers - miss you terribly! love you!!

Preston's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds very eventful. I loved this post:) How awful to get the flu. I hope that you are feeling better..........

Laura said...

I'm praying for you Rachel! Love, Laura (Krause) Scalzitti