08 June 2007


Today's Paper.


LMLogan said...

I'm so sorry rae!!! you and jacob are in our prayers! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Jacob and Rachel,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still praying for you and thinking of you! We know all too well what these days are holding for you!
Dear Lord,Please take Rachel and Jacob in your loving arms and hold them so close that they can feel your loving presence. Give them peace that overwhelmes their circumstance and take away any bitter feelings that they might have. Give them assurance that YOU are GOD and that we don't always understand the things that you do. Give them confidence in Your decisions. Help them to pour out their hearts to You and allow You to help ease their burden. May they rest in Your almighty arms as You comfort them during this difficult time. In Jesus' name~ Amen!

We are so sorry!Take things "DAY by DAY!"
Nicki & Joe Shadburn