28 June 2007

car story

Several months ago I WON A CAR. I was happy as could be. It worked and had great aircon for this hot, humid weather. I paid for my tags and title work and drove the little red guy off the lot. Silly me left with no tags or title work. SO I parked lil red and called to get my tags and title work. Several weeks later I got a plate in the mail. We put it on the car. WE had insurance on it all along. I drove lil red for about a week and we switched the plates over to another nicer car given to us. . .(thank you to -you know who you are). WE got a temp tag...(
WE're still waiting for the title..... at the DMV we find out there's a LIEN on the car!! We won a car with a lien.. ... SO here we are months and several temp tags later waiting for the title.... I found out on MOnday the Lien is off.... but where's the title?! I just want them to take lil red back where he belongs! Ijust talked with the "car people" moments ago and they will "GET BACK WITH ME" tomorrow. I asked if they could come get the car..... DONT WORRY- I know you will always wonder about the end of this story, so I will keep you updated!


TwoMuths said...

CRAZY - who would give away a car with a lien? Insanity. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Katie said...

me too. That's a bad story. I hope it has a happy ending.

Shanna said...

This has nothing to do with the post... (although: wow. crazy!)

I haven't looked at your actual blog in a while except through bloglines, and so I'm just seeing the picture of Joseph's hands on the right. It's a beautiful, touching photo. I'm glad I got to see.

Love ya.