17 May 2007

a few more free things

The OrganiX line of hair care products is giving away a $7 rebate for trying their products. Just pick one up at your local Target. I got the delious coconut one!!

Banquet chicken and Crockpot meals have the same deal goin on. The rebate offer is on the side of the bag or I printed my off their website.

Tostitos is also offering an $8 rebate and the forms are at your local grocery store. I found mine at Publix, but Albertsons had one printed in their store ad as well.

So there are a few fun free things out there this week.

I was also given a changing table yesterday and I found a full rebate for a Gerber bottle. SO I got a few things this week and will be getting money back in a few so that I can do more shopping.

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