04 April 2007

the Blessings so far.

YEAH for free stuff!

Well, here are all the baby things I have collected so far. Using coupons or joining baby clubs has proved helpful! Most of this stuff was free or for a fraction of the price. As you can see we will have a very clean baby. --Lots of shampoo, lotion, Baby Einstein Cd's, a few clothing items, some diapers, and 1 toy from Nana.--
This is the guest bed, by the way.

Here is the quilt from the pregnancy center I go to. Isn't it great! I love the colors! I might just hang it on the wall.


TwoMuths said...

How great! Where on earth did you find all your deals? I TRY so hard and can't seem to find coupons or freebies...

Shannon Smith said...

I was going to ask the same question at Jenny. Where all did you sign up for all your good deals. I'd be interested in getting signed up for things for our little one too.

givengrace said...

O my gosh--you are such a thrifty girl! Way to go!! Do reveal your secrets. :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

I was telling Jenny on her blog that I went to a Babies R Us class and was given a bag of coupons plus a $5 coupon for attending. Even though their coupons say that you can't use them for diapers... shhhh YOU CAN!They also give out free samples at the classes. The Toys R Us mailing list has awesome coupons and you can double up coupons.
I would really recommend their classes! They give you juice and crackers and the classes are only like 30 minutes. free too- and free stuff--
I also am on the CVS rewards program. SO each time I shop there I get 1-4 coupons printed on my receipt. SOme are just $4 CVS bucks to be used for anything.. then you take the $2 huggies coupon and buy the on sale package for $6!!! when it is normally $15! Also I used their skin care coupons for baby stuff (in the small size which made it practically free). Target sent me several envelopes of coupons which allowed me to get lotion and babywash for 50 cents!!- the big bottles too!
I used the $2 on the end of Christmas gift cards for some items too... you know how you end up with like $1.45 or something... well you can get travel sized baby stuff.

NOw totally Free stuff came from Publix Baby CLub. www.publix.com

I know the grocery store Meijer also has a baby club.

momsview.com has coupon deals GALORE

Juicy Juice has a free magazine and sippy cup at juicyjuice.com

Also Motherhood Maternity gives a free bag of coupons and a bottle and some lotion to new mums.

If there is a pregnancy center nearby-- woo they have the best gifts too! I am getting a free crib and car seat from them just for taking classes!! I think most states have the free car seat program. You listen to driving safety class and get a free car seat!!

Next get copies of American Baby and Babytalk (both free magazines). There are coupons inside!!

I did sign up for formula samples and a diaper bag from Enfamil but I havne't ever gotten it. I think it may be given out at the hospital when you deliver or something.

Sign up at Huggies.com and Pampers.com for coupons sent to your house. I even got 1 diaper sent to me from Pampers :)

LEt me know if you find deals too!

Feel free to share this info.

Rachel and Jacob said...

ALSO!! order online at CVS.com and get $10 off and Free shipping!!so what could be easier for ordering lots of diapers. I'd rather have them delivered to my door than carry them up the stairs!
stock up right...
but not just diapers.. you can get anything....

Elisabeth said...

Rae, good thing you don't have a job, cause this could be like a full time job. Yikes, I couldn't even read your whole post(s), mainly cause none of it applies to me, so why waste my time. Yeah for free stuff though! I'm so glad you're having a girl! Can we say EXCESSORIES!!!! I can't wait!

Sarah Corbin said...

Hooray for free stuff! That's my kind of girl =) I just got a bike for free off craigslist, so I'm pretty excited!