20 March 2007

Nursery thoughts......

The cutest rug from Ikea. I have bright orange curtains already and an orange and turquoise quilt. I have a red mosquito net that I want to put over the crib..... Mmmm I like BRIGHT colors...
Now this lamp is from Ikea too... MOonLIght!!
I think we are getting an Ikea in Orlando!! YEAH. That's only an hour an a half away.
You know how hard it is to find orange baby stuff.... Here's a nice little blankey.

Yellow, Orange , Turquoise, Red. OoOooO.
Will the baby be able to sleep??
YES. of course. It's eyes will be closed.

Now isn't this the cutest hippo!!mmmmmmm. Ikea is fun.


sara said...

I LOVE the colors...you will have to show pics of the nursery when it is ready.

Kim Hoehn said...

I really enjoyed your site. I work with your mom and dad and they are the sweetest people I know.
I love the nursery theme!! Our daughter Chloe will be 4 soon. What a joy it will be when your baby comes!!

Thank you,