18 February 2007


OK so I wanted everyone to know how to make that chicken!! YOU've gotta try it!!!! And then tell me if you like it!...mmmmm.... PLEASE.

4 cups chopped chicken ( I used breasts)- this is a good activity for the husband. JAke is such a good chicken chopper. :)
chicken stock ( Even the low sodium stuff has 570 mg!!!!)
Soy Sauce ( low sodium again!!)
Mirin- sweet rice wine (optional)
sugar (i like the flavor of raw)
peppers( sweet or chile)- not bell
garlic- yuck- this is my one big preggo avoidance! so I didn't use it.
green onions
cashews (chopped and toasted- I toasted them in sesame oil.)
and rice of course- to eat it with........

IN a bowl I whisked two tablespoons stock and cornstarch and added 4 tablespoons soy sauce , 4 tablespoons mirin, and, 2 tablespoons vinegar.( I used white wine vinegar)
Add the chicken and let it marinate.. maybe for an hour or so. Mine sat for like 3 hours.

Drain the liquid and fry in till brown and crispy! DRAIN IT on towels .mmm.... I then set mine in the oven on warm while I made the sauce.

Fry up 3 or four sliced peppers in a small bit of oil, add 1/2 cup of spring onion. Add a tablespoon each of red pepper flakes, ginger powder, garlic powder ( I added none -cause it makes me nauseous)

MIx 3 tablespoons stock and 3 tablespoons cornstarch until smooth. Add 2 table spoons soy sayce, i table spoon miring, 2 tablspoon vinegar, 2 tablespoons sugar. (same as marinade).

Add this mixture to the frying peppers and bring to boil. It will thicken. Put chicken on your platter and pour sauce over the top. Cover with 1 cup of toasted cashew and another 1/2 cup of spring onion.

(mmm... recipe modified from Emeril.)


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Mother said...

I think this was the milder version of General Tso's Chicken and it was still a little spicy for me. My favorite was the chicken curry over rice. Rae, you outdid yourself.
Happy Chinese New Year!