18 January 2007


This past weekend, my parents, Jacob, and I made a short trip over to Orlando to visit the Holy Land Experience. WE had been given the tickets as a Christmas gift. It was interesting. I wouldn't recommend a trip to FLorida just to see it! It was mostly mini song, drama, and dance productions throughout the day. There were also a few historical lectures. The weather was beautiful.
It was such a nice wonderful chance to get away and I felt well the whole day which was such a blessing!!!!! I loved the pita bread and hummus. I've been craving it ever since. :)


Elisabeth said...

I'm so glad you were feeling better!

Rachel and Jacob said...

yeah I really great 12 hours!!!
all the sickness is back though. I get so frustrated when I fell this way! I don't know how to clean, cook. I don't wanna get out.It's just ridiculous! I can't wait till the baby comes out.

Shanna said...

OK. So when I was at Clearwater, my parents came to visit for Spring Break, and we actually went to the Holy Land experience. The best thing about it was the food, if I remember right. That's so funny that you all went. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Jacob said...

I agree.. their food was SoOoOoOo good. I ate more there than anything else lately!!!