30 November 2006


I'm having a baby!

I don't look like the lady in the picture yet.
The baby is coming in JULY.


Shanna said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mouth is open and I'm so happy for you! Wow wow wow.

Side note: when are you coming up here, as you promised!?

Rachel and Jacob said...

WE will be there on the 16th.
and yes. Im just as surprised as you.. well I was...

Anonymous said...


just the other day we were playing clue during the typhoon - and now look at us...old married gals and you preggo!!!! just crazy!!! can't wait to see that bebe bump!!


Shanna said...

Cool. Hope to see you!!

journeyer said...

wow, wow, wow. Like the others I can't believe it! That's amazing. Who would have thought you would be the first of us 4 roomies to be pregnant? :)I hope your pregnancy goes well. And I do hope you post a picture of you when you DO look like that!

Nicole said...

Congratulations, Rachel and Jacob!!! How exciting. Babies are so much fun. Mine is almost walking now -- crazy.

Kelli said...

Oh my Word! Congratulations, Rachel! I can't believe it. You will make a wonderful mommy! =)

Anonymous said...

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